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Uribe Calls the FARC Killers and Liars for Statement Claiming Responsibility for Crime

Por Dialogo
janeiro 07, 2010

Bogotá, 6 January (EFE).- Colombian president Álvaro Uribe said today that the FARC is a “killing and lying” group that is trying to justify the recent murder of the governor of El Caquetá, Luis Francisco Cuéllar, in statements written in Europe. The president indicated in an interview with the broadcast station Radio Viva, in the city of Pasto (in the southwest of the country), that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are cynics because they shed blood and then write “expert statements” in which they seek to justify Cuéllar’s murder. “It doesn’t surprise us, it’s that they’ve always lied. This is a killing and lying group,” the head of state added. The guerrilla group accepted responsibility Tuesday for the death of Governor Cuéllar, whom they kidnapped on 22 December in order to subject him to an “impeachment trial” for accusations of corruption. That is how it was expressed by the FARC’s so-called “Southern Block” in a statement dated 24 December and published Tuesday on the webpage of the New Colombia News Agency (Anncol), which is close to the rebels and is headquartered in Stockholm. Uribe affirmed that the guerrilla group has people who have gone to live in Europe, where “they pass themselves off as learned experts (...) and what they have done is to act as accomplices to these criminals; then they write statements in favor of these criminals.” “These people are simply white-collar criminals; they are individuals who write these FARC statements over there in some European countries and who write these FARC webpages,” the Colombian president added. According to the guerrillas’ statement, Cuéllar, whose throat was slit, was kidnapped in order to subject him to “an impeachment trial” for alleged offenses committed during his administration. “The objective of holding him was not to execute him, nor to make economic demands of him, but to make him the subject of an impeachment trial for corruption, for having turned fraud and prevarication into the cornerstone of his administration,” the written text specified. For the FARC, what happened to Governor Cuéllar “is the direct consequence of the order issued by Álvaro Uribe to the armed forces to rescue him by force.”