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Saca Authorizes Sending 50 Additional Salvadorian Soldiers To Lebanon

Por Dialogo
enero 23, 2009

Salvadorian President Antonio Saca announced this Thursday that he has authorized ‎sending 50 soldiers to Lebanon to be integrated into the UN “blue beret” peacekeeping ‎contingent in that country. ‎ ‎“El Salvador believes in this battle against terrorism, and I want to state that I have ‎already authorized the Minister (of Defense, General Jorge Molina) to send 50 more ‎Salvadorians to Lebanon as blue berets,” said Saca in a press conference in the frontier ‎post La Hachadura, on the border with Guatemala. ‎ Currently El Salvador keeps 52 soldiers in Lebanon as part of the United Nations ‎Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). ‎ El Salvador also maintains a presence in Iraq, where a contingent of 200 soldiers has ‎just completed their reconstruction mission, the Minister of Defense said this Thursday. ‎ Salvadorian soldiers in Iraq have closed down their barracks in the Iraqi province of Al ‎Kut and will be going to Kuwait, where they will wait for the US to provide them with ‎air transportation to return to El Salvador. ‎ Saca met this Thursday in La Hachadura with Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom, ‎with whom he signed an agreement to pursue the integration of trade between both ‎countries.‎