Tickets For World Cup 2010 Will Cost $20 To $900‎

Por Dialogo
febrero 19, 2009

Tickets for the 2010 World Cup matches will cost between $20 and $900, the International ‎Football Federation (FIFA) announced, revealing information about the process of ‎selling the approximately 3,000,000 tickets. ‎ ‎“We cannot determine the exact number of tickets until the stadiums are finished. So far, ‎we think that around three million tickets will be sold,” David Will, who is in charge of the ‎tickets, stated at a press conference in Johannesburg. ‎ For this first World Cup in the African continent, which will start on June 11th, 2010, four ‎price categories have been defined, he explained. ‎ The best seats will cost $160 for match rounds and up to $900 for the finals. For ‎foreigners, no ticket will cost less than $80. The cheapest tickets (80,000 tickets between ‎‎$20 and $150 each) are reserved for South African residents. ‎ FIFA also stated that 40,000 tickets will be given to the workers who built and ‎refurbished ten stadiums throughout the country. ‎ Fans interested in buying tickets will be able to present an application until March 31st at: If demand exceeds availability ‎for a particular match or category, FIFA will hold a drawing on April 15th, 2009.‎