More Than 120 Countries Will Analyze Multinational Anti-Drug Operations in Mexico

Por Dialogo
marzo 31, 2011

More than 120 countries on five continents will study the creation of a common front against drug trafficking during an international conference in the Mexican beach resort of Cancún (in eastern Mexico) at the beginning of April, Mexican authorities announced on 29 March.

The shared project calls for the implementation of “multinational operations against specific objectives, on the basis of the exchange of intelligence and the coordination of efforts,” the Secretariat of Public Safety explained in a statement.

With the formation of this “common front,” governments will also exchange “information related to irregular movements of money and the diversion of chemical products,” the agency added.

The twenty-eighth edition of the International Drug Enforcement Conference, first held in 1983 in Panama, is expected to meet from 5 to 7 April in Cancún (on the Caribbean). The previous meeting was in 2010 in Rio.

The government of Mexico, which for more than three years has been experiencing a wave of violence attributed to drug cartels in part of its territory, will be represented by Secretary of Public Safety Genaro García Luna and Attorney-General Arturo Chávez.

In one of the few conference events about which advance information has been released, García Luna will give a presentation on 6 April about the ties between Mexican and Colombian cartels, together with Colombian Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera and the police director of that South American country, Óscar Naranjo.