Ambulance Offers Hope in Somalia

Por Dialogo
enero 01, 2010

Insurgent fighting in war-torn Somalia has made violence a way of life in some places. That’s why the donation of seven ambulances is a heralded addition. Each ambulance was paid for by local and expatriate Somalis. Residents can simply call for the ambulances without charge, and the vehicles will be dispatched to the scene. “It is amazing,” Rufai Salad, one of the founders of the ambulance service in the Somali capital, told CNN. “We have this toll-free number, 777, that you dial. Someone is giving you a free call and then coming and giving you free help. People here find it hard to believe it is real.” In the past few years, Somalia has lacked a genuine central authority. Basic services such as electricity, water and sanitation are provided by privately owned businesses.