Chile’s Defense Minister Holds Various Meetings to Modify the Financing of the Armed Forces

Por Dialogo
mayo 04, 2011

Chilean Defense Minister Andrés Allamand has held meetings with various authorities, including Treasury Minister Felipe Larraín, to analyze the modification of the Secret Act on Copper and the financing of the Armed Forces.

On 19 April, Minister Allamand met with legislators from the Socialist, Communist, and Christian Democratic parties in order to reach consensus on the modification proposal sent to the National Congress.

The draft bill establishes a twelve-year cycle of strategic planning for the Armed Forces and a four-year cycle of multi-year budgets.

Minister Allamand has indicated his satisfaction with the results of each meeting, according to an official statement, noting that “there is unanimity in terms of the Secret Act on Copper having outlived its usefulness and needing to be replaced, and there is also unanimity on the fact that we have to develop a mechanism that will enable a stable budget for our defense institutions.”

As a consequence, on the basis of these two principles, “I believe that it is going to be possible to move forward and finish this task that has been pending, one way or another, for the last twenty years,” he remarked.