Argentine Exposition Reviews History Of Beer And Soft Drinks In Bottles

Por Dialogo
mayo 26, 2009

More than 1000 historical pieces from the beer and soft drink industry, among these some of which are one of a kind in the world or more than a century old, are found at an exhibit which starts this week in Buenos Aires with support from Argentine collectors. Almost all beer and soft drinks marketed in Argentina are on display at this exhibit, which has not only soft drink bottles, but all other items found in the industry: drink caps, labels, bottle openers, stickers, cups, coasters, trays and all types of publicity materials. The initiative, promoted by the Argentine Beer and Soft Drink Collectors Club, reviews the history of these beverages and includes elements “of enormous historical value”, the events organizer, Juan Carlos Grassi pointed out during an Efe interview. Among the small “jewels” on display there is a one of a kind edition of a decorated Coca Cola bottle and a publicity poster of the “Africana” brand of beer from the 19th century valued at around 8,000 dollars. Additionally, the exhibit includes posters of Coca-Cola caps and several brands of beer, that were used at the end of the 19th century as publicity elements on public roadways and that are valuable due to their age and scarcity, since very few of them that have been preserved and are still in good shape. Another of the elements of great historical value, because they disappeared decades ago, are the calendars produced by the Quilmes beer line at the start of the 20th century. These were produced by well known illustrators of the times, and whose only complete collection is that which is on display at the exhibit. The exhibit has also rescued store records from the end of the century for client accounts. “These are unique items, but more for their historical instead of their economical value”, Grassi asserted. The purpose for the exhibit is not only to entertain the visitors but to offer a “high didactic content”, since is it designed to allow Argentines to understand the evolution of the industries most affected by globalization and enterprise merging. Although this is the third time that the club has exhibited items that have been gathered by Argentine collectors, this is the first time that the exhibits have include soft drinks and not only just beers. Among the soft drinks included, there is an important collection Coca-Cola items, which includes many items created for the purpose of sporting events of festivals. Also, there are Pepsi-Cola, Bidú Cola, Bilz, Crush, Fanta, Gini, Mirinda, Paso de los Toros, Schweppes, Sprite and Seven Up bottles. “These are the most important items that are to be found within the country, and it is impossible to see these by any other way than at a collector’s exhibit, because each collector has these items stored in his own “museum” or location”, as emphasized by Alberto del Santo, the coordinator for temporary events at the museum that is hosting the exhibit.