Mexican Drug Cartel’s Logistical Network Dismantled in Nicaragua

Por Dialogo
agosto 19, 2010

To the authorities of countries like MEXICO, YOU MISSED THE BOAT you waited too long to stop those groups that started out with small acts of violence and now have an army of thugs that behave like soldiers and cover all of the EAST of Mexico and extend through all of CENTRAL AMERICA and to the 50 STATES OF NORTH AMERICA. The Nicaraguan police struck a “heavy” blow against drug trafficking by dismantling a logistical support network belonging to the Mexican Gulf cartel, in an operation in which three people were arrested and fourteen vehicles were seized, the local press reported.

The operation, which took place over the weekend in Managua and which included the arrest of the group’s alleged leader, Carlos Alberto González, “is the heaviest blow we’ve struck against the transport logistics of drug trafficking and organized crime,” according to the press, quoting police spokesperson Vilma Reyes.

The brothers Rony and Carlos Olivas were also detained in the operation, but another nine individuals are under investigation, according to the authorities.

The dismantling of the network is the result of surveillance of the group, which also included two Guatemalans and was supervised by a Honduran, the three of whom have been organizing bases and logistical-support groups in Nicaragua, according to the authorities.

The group acquired trucks and other vehicles in which it installed hidden compartments for moving drugs from Costa Rica to Guatemala, where the drugs were turned over to representatives of the Mexican cartel, Reyes indicated.