Panamanian Police Seize a Ton of Cocaine in Mountainous Area

Por Dialogo
enero 05, 2011

Units of the Panamanian police seized 1,025 kilos of cocaine stored in forty-one bags that were hidden in a mountainous area of the country, the agency announced.

The drugs were found in the area of Coclé del Norte, in the northern part of the country, during an operation in which a speedboat with two outboard motors was also found, allegedly going to be used to transport the drugs to Central America, according to a statement by the police.

“This operation represents the first seizure of a drug shipment by the National Police in 2011,” the statement indicated, adding that no one has been detained up to this point.

In 2010, the Panamanian authorities seized more than seventy-five tons of cocaine, making Panama the country with the largest total seizures of this drug in the entire hemisphere.