More Than 15,000 Students Show Typical Bolivian Dances in La Paz

Por Dialogo
julio 28, 2009

La Paz, July 25 (EFE).- Beginning early today, more than 15,000 students will be showing the great variety of typical Bolivian dances and regional Bolivian costumes in a traditional parade, known as “University Entrance,” (Entrada Universitaria) that passes through the streets of La Paz each year. Beginning at 8:00 in the morning local time (12:00 noon GMT) and continuing until around midnight, the dancers, grouped into seventy-two troupes associated with university schools and departments and accompanied by musical ensembles, fill the main thoroughfares of the city with color and happiness, in the bicentennial year of its independence. Every July since it first took place in 1987, this parade turns into a display of the country’s typical dances, performed by students who practice for months to be part of this event, which symbolizes “fraternization, youth, and beauty,” according to its organizers. The great variety of dances from every region of the country that can be seen in this great folkloric promenade ranges from Andean dances like the “morenada,” the “diablada,” the “tinku,” and the “caporales” to dances from the southern part of the country like the “chacarera” and the “cueca,” as well as Amazonian dances. Specifically, the competition organizers wish to highlight the importance of preserving indigenous dances in this year’s event. The groups compete for a two-thousand-dollar prize to be awarded to the troupe that best meets the criteria of a jury that will consider each group’s costumes, discipline, and choreography.