Coast Guard Officers from the Americas Train in Cartagena

Por Dialogo
abril 19, 2011

The Fifth International Maritime Interdiction Course, offered by the Caribbean Coast Guard Command with the objective of implementing joint strategies and tools for combatting drug trafficking at sea, has opened in Cartagena with the participation of twenty naval officers from thirteen countries.

On this occasion, students from the navies of the United States, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia are participating.

This fifth edition of the course offers another opportunity to share Colombia’s experience in the fight against drug trafficking and strengthen international cooperation. The modules to be covered include human rights, coast guard operational doctrine, security at sea, and legislation applicable to maritime interdiction operations.

The National Navy will continue to hold training courses of this kind, which strengthen international cooperation and make it possible to improve the techniques used in operations against illicit activities at sea.