Brazil and Bolivia Sign Agreement on Anti-Drug Cooperation in Border Region

Por Dialogo
diciembre 20, 2010

On 17 December, Brazil and Bolivia signed an agreement to cooperate against drug trafficking and money laundering in border regions, as well as in joint actions in the intelligence area, both sides announced on the sidelines of the Mercosur summit in Foz do Iguaçu (in southern Brazil).

Brazilian Justice Minister Luiz Paulo Barreto said that the five-point agreement “has nothing theoretical about it; it’s very practical and focused on concrete actions to improve border vigilance and use this region as an element of integration.”

The agreement foresees the training of police officers from both countries in specialized centers in Brazil and joint intelligence operations to locate marijuana cultivation areas, which will be the object of eradication actions.

The two countries will also carry out training for agents specialized in combating money laundering throughout the border region.

The signed document also dedicates attention to the migration issue and establishes that the two countries “commit themselves to effectively implementing and periodically reevaluating their signed agreements.”

“We don’t want our citizens to remain in situations of marginality. We want to organize border development actions, we want legality for everyone, on both sides of the border, and we also want more efficient border controls,” Barreto said.

The agreement was signed by Barreto and Bolivian Interior Minister Sacha Llorenti, the two of whom had already met at the end of November, when they agreed to promote a South American plan for the fight against drugs, a major problem in the region.