Peruvian Police Confiscate 6,400 Bullets Presumably Headed for the FARC

Por Dialogo
julio 08, 2009

Lima, 5 July (EFE).- The Peruvian police confiscated in the Tumbes region, on the border with Ecuador, more than 6,400 bullets camouflaged in a shipment of bananas, presumed to have been intended for the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), according to press reports published today in Lima. The Border Police took the action yesterday after noticing that a pedicab used for transporting cargo, operated by Marcos Infante Elizalde, was carrying bananas from Peru to Ecuador, when the reverse is normally the case, according to the daily La República. Several boxes with 1,600 9-mm bullets with the Fiocchi trademark, used in pistols and submachine guns, and 4,800 5.56-mm projectiles, used in M16 rifles, were found under the shipment of bananas, the newspaper added. The pedicab operator stated that he had only been hired to take the shipment to Ecuador. According to investigators, there are indications that an international gang trafficking in ammunition and military weapons is operating from Peru into the countries along its northern border, and it is presumed that the shipment confiscated yesterday had as its final destination the Colombian insurgent group the FARC, La República.