Colombian Army Claims that FARC Surrounded Soldier’s Corpse with Explosives

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Por Dialogo
diciembre 06, 2010

It’s a shame that there are people who support these barbaric acts. Life in prison for these monsters who are supposed to be democratic. You cannot achieve democracy with violence. Meanwhile the military is the one that kills the people, rapes and murders children and are the murderers and are the false positives. The FARC Colombian guerrilla group set up explosives around the corpse of a career soldier who drowned as a consequence of the strong rains that are lashing the Andean nation, making recovery of the body difficult, the Army claimed in a statement.

“The soldier Alexander Valderrama disappeared on Tuesday, 16 November, in the waters of the El Toro ravine. According to what it has been possible to determine, the cause of his death is believed to have been drowning as a consequence of the torrential rains and sudden increases in water flow,” the statement indicated.

According to the Army’s Ninth Brigade, headquartered in the southern department of Huila, “the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) surrounded the body of the thirty-two-year-old soldier with explosives, making quick recovery of the body difficult.”

According to the armed forces, the military will pursue the incident on the international level, charging the chief Colombian guerrilla group – with around seven thousand combatants according to Defense Ministry figures – with violating international humanitarian law.

The FARC have a presence in this region of Colombia. On Tuesday, a car bomb exploded in front of a police station in the municipality of Vegalarga, leaving an undetermined number of dead, according to Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera, due to the fact that the explosion scattered the victims’ remains.