The FARC Are Desperate as a Result of Pressure from Government Forces, President Santos Affirms

Por Dialogo
marzo 22, 2011

The terrorist group is striking small blows and falling back, because the presence of the authorities is not allowing it to carry out large actions, the head of state revealed. In his speech during the Conference for Prosperity, President Santos additionally highlighted the cooperation of Venezuela and Ecuador in the fight against crime along the borders.

“The FARC are desperate, trying to strike blows on all sides, because in El Cauca, for example, they’re trying to strike blows on every side, because in El Cauca, for example, we’ve gone up on the mountain and stayed there. So they’re desperate, trying to get the government forces to come down, to get the Army to descend,” the president explained.

He said that an example of these blows that the guerrilla group is seeking to strike took place this week in Arauca with the attack on a post held by government forces. There, once the attack was over, they tried to take refuge in Venezuela, where they were arrested by the authorities of that neighboring country.

“In Arauca, they attacked a Marine post. Unfortunately, they murdered three of our Marines on [17 March] and rapidly fell back, went to Venezuela; this was on the border.

“Two of the ELN bandits who had committed the attack were arrested; they’re wounded. Once they’re able to be moved, they’re going to turn them over to us,” President Santos said.

Cooperation on the Borders

In view of this action by the Venezuelan authorities, the president highlighted the two countries’ cooperation in the fight against crime along their border.

“I want to thank the Venezuelan government for that attitude, that collaboration. They’re going to turn over four other criminals to us on [21 March]; the police are going to go for them, and we’re collaborating there with the Venezuelan government,” the head of state indicated.

He also highlighted Ecuador’s cooperation in combatting crime in the border area.

“Ecuador’s collaboration has been an increasingly effective collaboration, as both our police generals and the generals of our Army can confirm,” President Santos indicated, reiterating that this collaboration facilitates the fight against crime in both countries.