WHINSEC Installs International Command Sergeant Major

Lee Rials, WHINSEC Public Affairs | 18 May 2017

International Relations

Brazilian Army Cmd Sgt Maj Lindomar Tabaczeniski passes the saber of responsibility to WHINSEC Commandant Colonel Keith W. Anthony as he completes his tour as the WHINSEC’s international command sergeant major. (Photo: Lee Rials, WHINSEC)

Two “firsts” were achieved when the first Peruvian Army Senior Enlisted Advisor, William Villacorta, was installed as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation’s (WHINSEC) International Command Sergeant Major (CSM) in the first Change of Responsibility ceremony for the international CSM at the institute on May 5th.

Peruvian Army Command Sergeant Major William Villacorta inspects the saber symbolizing his role as WHINSEC’s international command sergeant major, in a change-of-responsibility ceremony on, May 5th. (Photo: Lee Rials, WHINSEC)

Brazilian Army CSM Lindomar Tabaczeniski passed the saber symbolizing the international CSM’s responsibilities to WHINSEC Commandant, U.S. Army Colonel Keith W. Anthony, who then put it in the hands of CSM Villacorta. CSM Tabaczeniski has completed his tour as an instructor and the international CSM and will be returning to Brazil soon to be the senior enlisted advisor to a general officer there.

CSM Villacorta has served 32 years in Peru’s Army, starting as an electronic communications technician. He has been a leader in multiple units and at all levels, an instructor in multiple schools, and a UN Peacekeeper.

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