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USSOUTHCOM Commander Admiral Craig Faller Message to the Venezuelan Military

Admiral Craig Faller | 23 June 2019

I write this letter to the Venezuelan military as you celebrate a decisive victory as forgers of liberty and the path to independence that began in Carabobo 198 years ago. 

Your military has played an essential role in Venezuela's rich history and has an essential role in Venezuela's future and restoring hope and comfort to your people.   Your country and your citizens need your skills in the future to face and defeat the challenges it faces; in that future the military's role is crucial to stability, law and order, and progress.

I know many differences currently divide us, but we have something in common that transcends language, ideology, and origin.  We are members of a skilled profession, unwavering defenders of our nations and protectors of our people. 

I hope the day comes soon when we can welcome you back into our hemisphere's professional brotherhood-of-arms.  We look forward to Venezuela's return to the family of democracies in this hemisphere, when we can once again work with your institution on the hemispheric challenges we face together.

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