Panamanian authorities seize 1.3 tons of cocaine

WMI | 31 July 2012

PANAMA CITY, Panama — Local authorities announced July 30 that they seized 1.3 tons of cocaine and detained four alleged drug traffickers in two recent operations around the country.

Panama’s National Aero-Naval Service (SENAN), a component of the Public Security Ministry that combines navy and air force operations, seized 846 kilograms (1,865 pounds) of cocaine in a boat sailing near the city of Colón, on the country’s Atlantic coast.

SENAN officials arrested two Hondurans who were in the boat and seized US$42,434 in cash. The suspects’ names were not made public.

In a second operation, authorities seized 521 kilograms (1,149 pounds) of cocaine at La Arenera beach, located east of Panama City, on the country’s Pacific coast.

Police arrested at the site a Colombian and a Panamanian, whose names were not released, and seized US$27,000 and three Colombian passports.

[AFP, 30/07/2012; (Panama), 30/07/2012]

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