Mexico: 14 alleged Zetas arrested

WMI | 28 June 2012

ZACATECAS, Mexico — The Mexican army detained 14 alleged members of the Los Zetas drug cartel on June 27.

Military personnel patrolling the municipality of Lagos de Moreno, in the state of Jalisco, spotted a convoy of four luxury SUVs. The convoy refused to stop when told to halt by the patrol but the vehicles were eventually detained as they crossed the state line into Zacatecas.

Authorities seized 11 assault rifles, 2,800 assault-rifle magazines, 10 grenades and communications equipment from the SUVs.

The alleged Zetas, 13 men and one woman, were transferred to police and Attorney General’s Office personnel for questioning and processing.

[ (Mexico), 28/06/2012; (Mexico), 28/06/2012]

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