Guatemala: Police seize 200 drums of drug precursors

WMI | 27 February 2012

GUATEMALA CITY – Authorities seized 200 drums of drug precursor chemicals hidden in a truck during a routine traffic stop in northern Guatemala, the National Civil Police said.

The chemicals were being transported in five trucks that were traveling through the municipality of San Benito, in the northern province of Petén, police spokesman Jorge Aguilar told reporters Feb. 24.

Police detained the truck drivers: Julio Xol, 40; Mynor Villegas Aja, 41; Benjamín Albarenga Molina, 63; Wilber Osmar Morales Espina, 34, and Rony Aroldo Amezquita Castillo, 37.

The drums contained chlorohydric acid, which is used to manufacture synthetic drugs.

More than 2,600 drums of drug precursor chemicals have been seized so far this year in Guatemala, authorities say.

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