FAP Receives Award from the System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces

Directorate of Information and Aerospace Interests, Peruvian Air Force | 23 January 2017

International Relations

Peruvian Air Force (Photo: Peruvian Air Force)

On January 18th,The Peruvian Air Force (FAP, per its Spanish acronym) received an award for flight safety from the System of Cooperation among the American Air Forces (SICOFAA, per its Spanish acronym).

The prize was awarded for having the best air operations safety record and for safety measures taken by FAP personnel that contributed to preventing aviation accidents and encouraging other similar actions.

Air General Javier Ramírez Guillén, commander general of FAP, officiated the international awards ceremony in the Plaza de Armas of the 2nd Air Wing (Callao), with assistance from civilian and military personnel who belong to this air unit, members of the High Command, as well as authorities from the Air Wing and Operations Command.

FAP receives award (Photo: Peruvian Air Force)

SICOFAA awarded the prize for the distinguished record of crews and personnel from the 8th Air Group (GRUP8) for merit in flight safety and for the safety measures that contributed to the prevention of aviation accidents in the institution.

The commander of GRUP8, FAP Colonel Roberto Aranda Del Castillo, received the award on behalf of the unit and expressed his satisfaction with the group’s achievement.

SICOFAA is a voluntary non-political organization comprised of members from the Air Forces of North and South America. Its objective is to promote bonds of friendship and mutual aid through cooperation during emergency situations, to promote the exchange of experiences so the capacities of the air forces and their equivalents can be strengthened, as well as to provide support for the requirements of their members.

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