Chilean Miners: From the Bowels of the Earth to a World Tour

The slow trip in a narrow capsule that brought thirty-three men out of the depths of a Chilean mine...
WRITER-ID | 15 October 2010

The slow trip in a narrow capsule that brought thirty-three men out of the depths of a Chilean mine, where they were trapped for more than two months, should be their last uncomfortable travel, and now they are preparing to enjoy sumptuous invitations to tour the world.

Among the first trips for the survivors, who were trapped around seven hundred meters beneath the Atacama desert, is their promise to accompany President Sebastián Piñera to Bolivia to inaugurate an inter-ocean corridor, together with his host Evo Morales and their Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva.

After that, the options for enjoyment open up.

A trip to visit the Greek islands for a week and attending a Real Madrid soccer game in Spain, as well as a Manchester United game in England, are some of the rewards for the tense epic.

The miners’ new life does not consist only of travel, however. The eleven fans of the local University of Chile soccer team are expected to receive a lifetime pass for the team’s games.

Gifts for the miners, once it was discovered at the end of August that they were alive, began to arrive from all over the world, including from individuals prominent on the world stage.

Pope Benedict XVI sent them blessed rosaries, while notable soccer stars, from the Brazilian Pelé to the Spaniard David Villa, sent them autographed jerseys.

Even the head of Apple, Steve Jobs, sent each one a recent version of the popular iPod Touch to enjoy now that they are free.

Meanwhile, greetings from U.S. President Barack Obama and from artists throughout the Ibero-American world also arrived in the bowels of the arid desert earth of Atacama, in the northern part of the South American country.

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