The Armies of Brazil and the United States Strengthen Cooperation

Operation Culminating involves joint maneuvers by both armies from 2017 to 2020, when a combined exercise will be held at Fort Polk, Louisiana, and a post-operation analysis in 2021.
Nelza Oliveira/Diálogo | 2 June 2017

International Relations

The Brazilian Army considers Operation Culminating to be of extreme importance in the training of Brazilian combatants. (Photo: Private Bruno dos Santos Ouriques, 3rd Mechanized Cavalry Regiment)

The Brazilian Army (EB, per its Portuguese acronym) is in the midst of preparing for a five-year exchange with the United States. Operation Culminating is meant to strengthen cooperation with the U.S. land force and involves joint maneuvers from 2017 to 2020, with a post-operation analysis in 2021. The climax will be a combined training between both armies in the second half of 2020, at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) in Fort Polk, Louisiana, one of the U.S. Army’s main training centers.

Operation Culminating will close in 2020 with a combined exercise at JRTC, one of the U.S. Army’s main training centers. (Photo: Private Bruno dos Santos Ouriques, 3rd Mechanized Cavalry Regiment)

“Operation Culminating is included in the five-year plan, which is a document between Brazil and the United States for improving relations, increasing understanding, and prioritizing interoperability capabilities,” EB confirmed through its Public Affairs Office to Diálogo. According to the release, preparations and logistics planning are being done for the activities that are anticipated in the operation, which will include the participation of 470 Brazilian service members.

“In 2018 and 2019, the training of the officer and sergeant observers, controllers, and evaluators will be done, and the logistics preparation will be concluded,” the spokesperson for the institution said. “In 2019, the military organization will be structured, and specific preparation will be done for the Army’s participation the following year,” according to the press release sent by EB.

Strengthening ties and sharing experiences

U.S. Army Major General Clarence K.K. Chinn ( left, second from front to back), commander of USARSO, met with Brazilian service members in March, in Brazil. (Photo: Amazon Military Command)

On the U.S. side, the operation is being performed together with U.S. Army South (ARSOUTH), which is responsible for directing and supporting multinational operations with the nations of Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. U.S. Army Major General Clarence K.K. Chinn, commander of ARSOUTH, was in Brazil in March and April for the purpose of expanding partnerships and establishing agreements with EB.

“It has been a phenomenal opportunity to learn about Brazilian Army. But the most important thing is the partnership and the teamwork. We have been partners since the Second World War, so it is a great opportunity and an honor to hear about the great things that Brazil has done in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, and about the great work done during the World Cup and the Olympics,” Maj. Gen. Chinn said during the meeting with General Eduardo Villas Bôas, commander of EB, in Brasília. He also went to Manaus to take part in activities at the Amazon Military Command.

Helping to prepare Brazilian combatants

According to EB, the training of Brazilian service members for Operation Culminating will be directed by U.S. service members. Details about the logistical part of the operation are being worked out in the current planning phase. “The main advantage is having Brazilian service members working together with the world’s leading army, sharing their combat experiences, and having the chance to improve their doctrine,” said EB. “Specific training for this type of mission is also essential, and it is extremely important in the training of Brazilian combatants,” they added.

EB concluded by saying that Brazilian and U.S. service members can collaborate among themselves in the planning and execution of maneuvers, in the areas of logistics, intelligence, and communications, and in the exchange of materials between both armies. The EB press release to Diálogo also reported that in 2021, the last year of the five-year plan, there will be a post-operation analysis, as well as planning for the next steps in the exchange between EB and the U.S. Army, predicting that the partnership between the two countries in Culminating will continue beyond the five-year plan.

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