Mar 31, 2016, 1:00 AM
Public Force Commissioner Juan José Andrade said regional Military and police forces should strengthen a common strategy against drug trafficking.
Mar 30, 2016, 1:00 AM
At a training at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, Marines from both countries honed their advanced marksmanship and sniper skills by exchanging experiences, knowledge and techniques with fellow snipers.
Mar 30, 2016, 1:00 AM
Twenty officers from the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) met with U.S. Air Force representatives Major John Ware and Master Sergeant Noel Mendoza on the grounds of the FAU’s Maintenance Service Team in Montevideo from February 29th-March 4th.
Mar 29, 2016, 1:00 AM
General Mejía: 'We have a very close relationship with the United States. They are more than just a strategic partner; we have shed blood together.'
Mar 29, 2016, 1:00 AM
Hundreds of residents of Nueva Jerusalén in the department of Gracias a Dios received medical care and free medicine from Military units from Honduras and the United States. Personnel from the Health Ministry and students from Honduran medical schools were also involved in the project.
Mar 28, 2016, 1:00 PM
The Chilean Army Factories and Armories (FAMAE) expanded its capabilities and logistic support with a new FAMAE Industrial Maintenance Center (CMIF) in the southern city of Punta Arenas.
Mar 28, 2016, 1:00 AM
The technology can simulate a number of variables, such as terrain type, day or night lighting, temperature, and wind speed.
Mar 25, 2016, 1:00 AM
Promises of cooperation in the areas of security, trade, education, and technology mark the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to the South American country.
Mar 25, 2016, 1:00 AM
The Peruvian Naval ship BAP Zimic left the port of Callao on an oceanographic mission to plant 12 buoys provided by the United States to monitor the development of the El Niño phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean.
Mar 24, 2016, 1:00 AM
Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, commander of U.S. SOUTHCOM, explained how his command will use every tool in its arsenal to fight Zika as the mosquito-borne virus spreads throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
Mar 24, 2016, 1:00 AM
With over 9,000 men and women assigned to the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil's National Force will handle all of the security inside the sports facilities during the event.
Mar 23, 2016, 1:00 AM
The three-day visit, the first by a sitting U.S. president in 88 years, charted a new course for U.S.-Cuban relations, in what Barack Obama said was a 'new day'.
Mar 23, 2016, 1:00 AM
During the security team's six-month deployment, U.S. Marines will train military members from Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, who requested trainers with various skills to help them build their counter-drug capabilities.
Mar 22, 2016, 1:00 AM
The security and safety of international delegations traveling through the streets of Rio de Janeiro is a big concern of Rio 2016 officials, as is the potential disruption to local traffic and citizens.
Mar 21, 2016, 1:00 AM
Vice Admiral (Ret.) Luis Alberto Ordoñez Rubio discusses how the Center for Strategic Security Studies (CREES) emerged as a regional initiative against security threats in the hemisphere.
Mar 18, 2016, 1:00 AM
The Honduran Naval Force is training with U.S. Marines to fortify the Central American country's sea, air, and land shields against narco-trafficking and organized crime. The six-month program focuses on survival tactics, water combat, martial arts, and first aid.
Mar 18, 2016, 1:00 AM
During the Olympics in Brazil this August, the leaders of Military delegations from 100 participating countries will have the opportunity to socialize and share their experiences at the International Military Sports Council Club on the grounds of the Air Force University.
Mar 17, 2016, 1:00 AM
The Colombian National Army held 88 Ethnic Group Development Support Outreach Events in 2015, benefiting 78,543 indigenous persons, and plans to help tens of thousands more this year.
Mar 16, 2016, 1:00 PM
Brazil's Ministry of Defense is rebuilding the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station, which was partly destroyed by a fire in 2012. The new facilities will include 17 research laboratories.
Mar 16, 2016, 1:00 AM
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations aircrews detected a vessel carrying more than 1,200 pounds of cocaine, and Panamanian authorities intercepted the vessel, recovered the drugs and arrested two suspected drug smugglers.