Yemen: Female Police Officers Fight Terrorism

By Dialogo
January 01, 2011

Women who serve in Yemen’s police represent a crucial element in the fight against terrorism, despite the short time that they have been in the field, according to police officials.
“Female police have participated in advanced operations against terrorists that proved successful, especially carrying out house raids where terrorists were hiding and where women and children were present,” Maj. Souad Kamel told al-Shorfa.
Yemen is a conservative society that views the military and police suitable for men only.

Training women to serve as police officers is a necessity because terrorist organizations increasingly use women to evade investigation or searches, knowing that male police officers are less likely to suspect a female operative.
“Women in a conservative society have been used as a tool by terrorists, particularly smuggling of weapons, ammunition and drugs,” she said. Maj. Kamel said female officers undertake the same tasks as male officers because crime is not specific to one sex.