Work on the Military Pentathlon Course Enters Its Final Phase

Work on the Military Pentathlon Course Enters Its Final Phase

By Dialogo
June 16, 2011

On June 20th the Brazilian military pentathlon will acquire one of the best military obstacle courses in the world, which will host the competition in this sport during the 5th Military World Games Rio 2011. Five hundred meters long and with twenty obstacles, the S-shaped course is located on the grounds of the 26th Parachute Battalion, in Deodoro (Rio de Janeiro), next to the Fencing Gymnasium.

Due to the demanding requirements imposed by CISM, the International Military Sports Council, the obstacle course’s construction can be compared to that of a road, from the foundations of the obstacles to the drainage system.

The course has a pitch of 2.5 cm on the sides, so that rainwater will run down into the channels. The rubber surface is the Italian Mondo brand, found in the best tracks in the world. The material is durable and allows for better performance by the athletes. There will also be two locations for timing, one in the middle and the other at the end of the course.

“The know-how will be used in constructing new tracks in Brazil,” said Maj. Ferreira Pinto, manager of the Military Pentathlon for the Rio 2011 Games, whose team provided technical support for the work.

On the 22nd the athletes competing for the Brazilian team in the 5th Military World Games and the referees will have their first contact with the course. Between June 27th and July 2nd there will be a tournament involving the Brazilian team, the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (AMAN), the Air Force Academy (AFA), the Naval School, and the 26th Parachute Brigade.

Brazil needed a large structure like that and the organization is doing a great job. Congratulations to the organizers and to the athletes Brazil on top. PQD 96/6 N 61167 and I will be there to support this great event. Tel 76812437