WHINSEC Becomes an Observer Member of ALCOPAZ

WHINSEC Becomes an Observer Member of ALCOPAZ

By Dialogo
October 27, 2011

The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) became an Observer Member of the American Association of Training Centers for Peace Operations (ALCOPAZ) during a meeting in Santiago, Chile, on August 17.

ALCOPAZ was founded on August 4, 2008, and is made up of training centers for peacekeeping missions in Latin American and Caribbean countries dedicated primarily to education and training of members of the Armed Forces, Security Forces and Civilian Staff to participate in Peacekeeping Operations under the United Nations (U.N.) mandate.

It has been developed in compliance with U.N. conceptual objectives relating to the implementation of measures for cooperation in training for peace, promoting exchanges between the training centers in the region, promoting the standardization of procedures for education, creating conditions facilitating smooth and efficient contact between members, as well as promoting mutual understanding of different cultural and institutional perspectives among staff personnel involved in peace keeping operations (PKOs).

This association, whose founding members are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru and Uruguay, has aimed to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness in the preparation of staff assigned to perform these operations within the region. These seven countries are identified as Founding Full Members.

Full Membership Associate designees include the countries of Bolivia, Colombia, and Paraguay. Canada, France, and the United States are now Observer Members.

WHINSEC’s mission is to provide professional education and training to eligible military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel of nations of the Western Hemisphere within the context of the democratic principles set forth in the Charter of the Organization of American States (OAS); such charter being a treaty to which the United States is a party. WHINSEC must “foster mutual knowledge, transparency, confidence, and cooperation among the participating nations and promote democratic values, respect for human rights, and knowledge and understanding of U.S. customs and traditions.”

WHINSEC has several courses in the civil-military spectrum which provide skills and expertise in various topics related to Peacekeeping Operations. In the catalog, the Peace and Stability Operations Course instructs students to coordinate planning and to address different U.N. scenarios such as elections, earthquakes and humanitarian aid, enabling them to advise a commander at the operational level.

WHINSEC’s participation in the ALCOPAZ Association entails:

• Integrating WHINSEC with the different Training Centers for Peace Operations that exist in the Hemisphere.

• The Peace and Stability Operations Course to be listed in the annual course planning that ALCOPAZ promotes.

• Making instructor exchanges to promote brotherhood.

• Cooperating with other centers in updating United Nations doctrine concerning Peace Operations.

• Updating specific information in the different U.N. PKOs with the support of other ALCOPAZ members.

WHINSEC is the first institute that is not primarily a training center for peacekeeping missions to be named a member of ALCOPAZ. This honor demonstrates the important role WHINSEC has to play in the hemisphere.

This is a very positive development, since WHINSEC offers instruction to members of the forces of many countries. In the same vein I would like to make contact with Colonel Juan Pomoli of the Uruguayan Army, since he is one of the best educated officers in the field of peace operations. It is a big step the one taken by the Institute at joining ALCOPAZ. I am deployed in the Center of Training of Peace Operations of the Armed Forces of El Salvador, and here as a training center we are interested in becoming members of ALCOPAZ. Could you send me to my email the contact for ALCOPAZ who has information about entry requirements and other relevant information. Thank you very much for the attention and support. What should I do to join Whinsec?