Weapons Arsenal Sold by “El Loco” to FARC Seized

Weapons Arsenal Sold by “El Loco” to FARC Seized

By Dialogo
December 12, 2012

Following the capture of Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, by the Venezuelan National Police and authorities, his deportation to Colombia, and the information supplied by the late drug lord regarding his links to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Interpol (DIJIN) seized a powerful weapons arsenal destined for this criminal group.

The National Police found an arsenal with 42 assault rifles and 7 grenade launchers in the municipality of Puerto Rico (Meta), headed to the 7, 10 and 40 Fronts, where the Military Forces are keeping an offensive against Géner García Molina, alias “John 40,” considered as one of the main guerrilla drug traffickers. In fact, “El Loco” Barrera established in his declaration before the authorities that a great deal of the cocaine sent to Europe and the United States came from that organization.

According to the DIJIN, with DEA support, the contact for the exchange of weapons for drugs is an individual called “El Boyaco,” who according to investigations, is close to José Antonio Sánchez, alias “Darío Huesitos,” and to Henry Castellanos Garzón, better known as “Romaña.” This information allowed the police to locate a second batch of military equipment in transit.

With this information, the National Police set up a checkpoint on the road from Villavicencio to San Martín, and with precise data, they intercepted a cargo vehicle transporting 1,100 cartridges for 50 calibers, a nonconventional long range weapon, which could be used to attack Public Forces’ planes and helicopters.

During the procedure, where an individual named Álvaro Flórez, aka “El Viejo” was captured, members of the DIJIN found an extra fuel tank, which contained 50 IM-26 fragmentation grenades.

The National Police and DEA investigations concluded that the seized weapons cache belonged to items acquired by the “Comba” brothers, who were convinced by Daniel Barrera to surrender to the American Justice, leaving it in his hands. He later negotiated the arsenal with the FARC in exchange for one of his last cocaine shipments, before being captured in Venezuela.