Volleyball at the 5th Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 15, 2011

A volleyball match includes twelve players, six on each team. There are another six athletes on each reserve bench. On the court, the teams are separated by a net, and the objective is to make the ball hit the ground in the area protected by the opponent. The ball, however, needs to pass between the antennas, which are two flexible rods tangent to the lateral boundaries of the court. They delimit the aerial space through which the ball must pass.

There is also a difference between offensive and defensive players. The court is marked with a line three meters from each side of the net, symbolizing the area within which it is permitted to make an attack hit to the opponent’s side. Offensive players may strike the ball at any height. Defensive players may only hit the ball from behind the attack line.

Each time the ball touches the ground within the court, the team that attacked scores a point. The first team to score twenty-five points wins the set. The winner must have a lead of at least two points. In this way, if a set is tied at twenty-four points each, it will continue until one side is ahead by two points.

The winner must win three sets. A match consists of a maximum of five sets, with the fifth set also known as the tie-breaker. In that set, the winner is the first to score fifteen points. It is also necessary to have a two-point lead to win.