Violent Deaths of Youth Increase in Honduras

By Dialogo
February 04, 2013

Violent deaths of young people under the age of 23 have increased in Honduras during the three years of Porfirio Lobo’s government, compared to former administrations, Casa Alianza, a non-governmental organization for the protection of children, reported on January 31.

“During the 35 months (January 2010-December 2012) in the current administration of Porfirio Lobo, 2,782 deaths of young people in that age group have been reported”, the institution said in a 41 page statement.

Casa Alianza, which started operations in Honduras in February 1998, has counted 8,005 executions of youngsters under the age of 23 as a result of a monthly based mass media monitoring.

While in 1998 the rate was of 44.44 cases per month, during the current administration it climbed up to 79.48.

“It can be seen that the monthly rate of violent deaths and/or executions of children and young people in Honduras are progressively increasing,” said the report.

Only in December 2012, 80 young people under 23 died, of which 20 were children between 0 and 17 years old (25%), and 60 were between 18 and 23 (75%).

A firearm was used in 87% of cases, and a knife or similar weapon in 7% of cases.

According to the organization, “there is an execution pattern in cases where the corpses were found with signs of torture, shots in the head and torso, tied by the hands and feet, wrapped in sheets, heads in plastic bags and scotch tape, neck and shoulder wounds, dismembered corpses inside bags or left by some river or ravine.”

Honduras is facing a wave of crime by which the country ranks first in homicides worldwide, with 92 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the United Nations.