Vila Verde Offers the Athletes Pioneering Infrastructure for Military Games

Vila Verde Offers the Athletes Pioneering Infrastructure for Military Games

By Dialogo
June 15, 2011

The inauguration of the Vila Verde Athletes Village, held on Saturday morning, June 11th, marked the conclusion of a process that started with the staking of the construction site in August 2009. The area of 58,250 square meters now houses a residential complex with capacity for 2,856 guests, including athletes, members of the technical committee, and officials, during the 5th CISM Military World Games, from July 16th to the 24th.


The health team will provide services at Vila Verde during the Rio 2011 Games and will have top-of-the-line equipment available. Military doctors are already working at the Army Central Hospital to get into the rhythm of care. The facility will have an ambulance with a fixed ICU and teams that will work in shifts, consisting of two doctors, one nurse, four stretcher-bearers, one physical therapist, and three drivers.


Vila Verde will have a restaurant open twenty-four hours, with menus in English and Portuguese, supervised by nutritionists specialized in sports and food safety. Whenever the facility is open, the athletes will have access to crackers and fruit, even in between meal times.


A main terminal for athletes’ arrival and departure will be located at the Vila Verde entrance. For security reasons, vehicles will not be allowed inside the village, and there will be an internal shuttle van service for the residents.

Access and Credentials

The credentials of those entering Vila Verde will be verified through a security code and camera monitoring. There will be a credentialing station at the Center for Delegation Services.

General Services

For the convenience of the athletes staying there, Vila Verde will make available to residents a meeting room, concierge and laundry services, lockers, a weight room, a sports information service room, a Center for Delegation Services, and an Ecumenical Center.


Besides offering greater convenience to the residents, the CISM Club is a space to promote interaction among athletes from various countries, strengthening friendship through sports. At the Rio 2011 Games, the CISM Club will offer postal, banking, and foreign-exchange services, a convenience store with a lunch counter, telephone access, and a room with cable TV.