Venezuelan Authorities Seize 2.7 Tons of Marihuana

By Dialogo
November 13, 2012

On November 7, Venezuelan authorities reported the seizure of a total of 2.7 tons of marihuana in the state of Táchira, which borders with Colombia, where the drugs originated, in one of the biggest discoveries of the year.

The marihuana was hidden in the bottom of a container and it was confiscated during an inspection at the El Vallado check point, in the municipality of Ureña, near the Colombian border on November 6, the general commander of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), Major General Juan Francisco Romero Figueroa told the press.

“We are working and investigating with Colombian authorities to find out where in Colombia this container, that went into Venezuelan territory, was prepared,” explained Romero Figueroa, specifying that “a Venezuelan national age 41, was arrested” during the operation.

Through his Twitter account, Major Jorge Galindo, the Ministry of Interior’s press officer, stated that it is “one of the biggest drug seizures by the GNB this year,” and the “biggest one among marihuana confiscations.”

So far in 2012, Venezuelan authorities have seized almost 39,400 kilos of various drugs and arrested 8,168 people, he indicated.

On November 11, the GNB seized 1.4 tons of Colombian cocaine that was hidden in a truck passing by a town in the state of Lara.

According to the UN, Venezuela is a country free of illicit crops, but it is considered a major transit point for drugs which have a final destination into large consumer markets.