Venezuela Wins Gold Medal In Fencing

Venezuela Wins Gold Medal In Fencing

By Dialogo
July 22, 2011

The second day of fencing competition at the 26th Parachute Infantry Battalion gym was closely contested.

At the end of the men’s epée competition, the duel between the Venezuelan Ruben Limardo and Italian Andrea Vallosio was even. Limardo even opened a five-point lead on the scoreboard (5-0), but the Italian managed to come back and make it 10-9.

The Venezuelan then went on the attack and finished winning with a score of 15-10. At the end of the match, Limardo, who is competing in first Military World Games celebrated the win.

“The competition was very tough, with very strong fencers. Since I saw the list of all the athletes in the field, I knew that the competition was going to be tough. Fatigue and heat hurt me a little, but I stayed focused, continued to attack, and it obviously proved successful,” Limardo said.

In fencing, the athletes compete on a strip that is fourteen meters long by two meters wide. The goal is to touch the opponent to score points, and at the same time, to not be touched oneself.

There are individual and team competitions in this sport, and there are three different types of weapons: epée, foil, and sabre.