Venezuela seizes 2.6 Tons of Cocaine Destined for Honduras

By Dialogo
April 29, 2013

Venezuelan authorities seized 2.6 tons of cocaine in Zulia state on April 25, which were intended to be sent to Honduras, the Minister of Interior and Justice Miguel Rodríguez reported.

“In Maracaibo, after intelligence efforts, we were able to deal a striking blow against international drug trafficking with the seizure of 2,694 kilos of cocaine,” Rodríguez said to state-run TV station VTV from the port of Zulia.

“According to the information we have so far, it is presumed that the cargo was bound for Central America, specifically Honduras,” he added.

On the other hand, the head of the National Anti-Drug Office, Néstor Reverol, reported that two Venezuelans were arrested during the operation: an employee of the customs agency which processed the load, and the manager of the company that requested the shipment.

Reverol added that so far this year, the authorities have seized 19,706 kilos of drugs, “six tons more” than the amount registered through April of last year.

Venezuela has been identified by the United Nations as a country free of illicit crops, although it is considered an important transit point to major consumer markets.

In 2012, the local authorities seized 45 tons of drugs, half of which were cocaine shipments, according to official figures.