US Southern Command may support 5th Military World Games

US Southern Command may support 5th Military World Games

By Dialogo
October 15, 2010

The Operational Planning Committee (CPO) of the 5th Military World Games may
have an important ally for the mission of providing the best edition of the history
of the competition in July, next year. Gen Ken Keen, Sub-Commander of the US
Southern Command, located in Miami, was last week at the committee ´s headquarter
´s, where he watched a presentation about the Rio 2011 Games and talked to the CPO´
s General Coordinator, BG Jamil Megid Júnior, about a possible co-operation aiming
the Peace Games.

During the meeting Gen Keen was presented general information about the 5th
edition of the Military World Games, such as the number of participants, location of
the competitions, and the construction of the Athlete ´s Village. Regarding the
partnerships, one of the actions refers to the transportation of the

The idea is that the US Air Force provides the transportation of some
friendly nations located in the route between The US and Brazil. The same logistic
might be given by European countries to African nations, under CISM coordination.
There was also a proposal to have the Pentagon TV on the broadcasting the 5th
Military World Games.

The Sub-Commander of the US Southern Command said to be very pleased with the
meeting and guaranteed all possible support to contribute with the Rio 2011 Games

“I am very impressed with the planning that follows. The Brazilian military
shows a high professionalism level and will do their utmost for these to be the best
Military World Games in History. They may count on the United States Armed Forces
help”, stated General Keen.

General Ken Keen is Sub-Commander of one of the ten unified commands of the
US Department of Defense. The Southern Command provides security cooperation through
41 million square meters in Latin America and the Caribbean.