US Sanctions Associates of Guatemalan Drug Lord

By Dialogo
August 17, 2012

The United States Department of the Treasury announced on August 15, that it imposed sanctions on two female members of a Guatemalan drug gang linked to Mexican cartels.

The two women are charged with laundering money for Marllory Chacón, considered by U.S. authorities to be one of the most active drug traffickers in Central America, indicated the Department of the Treasury.

The sanctioned women include Christina Castellanos Chacón, a.k.a “Cristha Castellanos”, daughter of Chacón, and María Corina Sáenz Lehnhoff, a.k.a “María Corina Del Pinal”. Under the sanction, U.S.-based assets belonging to the women were frozen and no citizen can engage in business with them.

Additionally, the Treasury identified 24 businesses linked to Chacón. Among them were a hotel, a construction company, a clothing store, and a home goods store.

“Targeting Marllory Chacón’s and her associates’ business and financial networks is at the core of our efforts to degrade these dangerous drug trafficking organizations,” said Adam Szubin, Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control.