Uruguayan Navy Implements Moodle System for Distance Education

Uruguayan Navy Implements Moodle System for Distance Education

By Dialogo
August 11, 2011

In its academic courses, the Uruguayan Navy has begun to make use of the Moodle system, a platform that enables the development of distance-education formats and the establishment of interpersonal relationships between students and teachers and that generates a space for the analysis and discussion of academic and professional issues.

At this time, the technology is being applied to the delivery of three courses: research methodology, individual research, and teacher training, which trains instructors to improve their performance in the Comprehensive System of Naval Education.

The Naval War College (Escuela de Guerra Naval) plans to implement this platform gradually, with a major qualitative leap being the delivery of the Command Course, which is taken by lieutenants for promotion to lieutenant commander and is now fully functional through the exchange of emails between students and teachers.

This system will permit the Uruguayan Navy to move to the forefront of the educational changes underway around the world. At the same time, officers will be able to receive a higher-quality and more practical education, since they will not have to attend in person all the classes held at the War College.