Uruguayan and U.S. Air Forces Hold Joint Exercise

Uruguayan and U.S. Air Forces Hold Joint Exercise

By Dialogo
February 02, 2011

The Uruguayan Air Force and the 902d Squadron of the U.S. Air Force will carry out a joint peacetime search-and-rescue training exercise, which will take place at the “La Carolina” air proving ground, on the banks of the Negro River, on the coasts of the department of Durazno.

The 902d Squadron of the U.S. Air Force is composed of pararescue jumpers who, in their missions, are deployed in the action area by air, sea, or land with the objective of extracting, treating, stabilizing, and evacuating possible victims of crisis situations.

The members of this elite unit are trained in search-and-rescue tasks and are expert paramedics and providers of first aid in order to be able to offer medical care to rescued victims. They are specially trained and equipped to conduct search-and-rescue operations in peacetime and in combat.

These rescuers are experts in first aid and rescue techniques and have available to them first-class logistical support that enables them to fulfill their mission anywhere in the world at any time, in accord with their motto, “So That Others May Live,” and reaffirming their commitment to protecting human lives. Due to the unique nature of pararescue work, they are specially trained and certified for rescues in combat situations.