Uruguay Seizes 173 Kilos of Cocaine

By Dialogo
April 10, 2012

Around 173 kilos of cocaine hidden in a shipping container destined for Europe were seized at the port of Montevideo, the Uruguayan Interior Ministry announced on 7 April.

“The seizure took place at the port of Montevideo following court-authorized proceedings that culminated in the confiscation of approximately 173 kilos of cocaine,” Fernando Gil, in charge of the ministry’s communications unit, told AFP.

The drugs “were hidden under the false bottom of a light truck that was inside the container.”

Gil explained that, at the time of the seizure, an arrest warrant was also issued for a Spanish citizen who after “dispatching the container in Montevideo, travelled to Spain, where he was arrested” in the last few hours, Gil explained.

The drugs seized are estimated to have a market value of over 4 million Euros, according to police.