United States to Reinforce Help to Honduras in Combating Crime

By Dialogo
September 18, 2012

The United States has donated $1.8 million to Honduras as a contribution to the fight against gang violence, stated Maria Otero, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights, in a visit to Tegucigalpa.

According to Otero, this contribution is part of what she called “a partnership to help the Government of Honduras achieve concrete results in the fight against impunity, to accomplish judiciary reforms and to strengthen their human rights institutions.”

After concluding a three-day visit in Honduras, Otero announced in a press conference that a bilateral working group was set up on September 13, tasked to develop strategies aimed at combating crime.

The official said that the fight against crime is “of a very diverse nature,” but everything is closely interconnected: transnational criminal gangs and networks, lack of employment opportunities for young people, intolerance, violence, and intimidation against vulnerable groups, such as women, homosexuals, and journalists.

Criminality “affects Hondurans’ daily lives,” which in turn accentuates the challenges, Otero explained.