United States Gives $2 Million to Labor Development Program in Nicaragua

By Dialogo
October 08, 2010

On 6 October, the United States announced two million dollars in aid for the implementation of a program to promote compliance with labor laws in Nicaragua, according to the Department of Labor.

The “Better Work” program will be implemented in the Central American country by the International Labor Organization (ILO), to which the U.S. government has turned over the funds, a statement indicated.

“Nicaragua joins those countries that embrace what is considered a gold standard for the respect of labor rights in the garment sector,” Secretary of Labor Hilda Solís indicated.

The program, which was successfully applied for the first time a decade ago in Cambodia, seeks to improve firms’ compliance with labor laws through training courses, but also to increase business sustainability by creating trust and competitiveness in the country.

Solís announced the launch of the program in Nicaragua in July.