United Nations to inspect North Korea ship in Panama next week

By Dialogo
August 09, 2013

UNITED NATIONS – United Nations (UN) experts will head to Panama next week to inspect a North Korean ship impounded last month after the discovery of Cuban missile parts in its cargo, Sylvie Lucas, Luxembourg’s UN ambassador, said on Aug. 7.
“The panel will go next week to Panama to assist in the investigation, and then will present a report to the committee,” said Lucas, chairman of the UN sanctions committee.
The experts will report back to the committee, which will then determine whether North Korea is in violation of any sanctions. Lucas declined to speculate on what regulations may or may not have been broken.
The United States and other countries have stated that the discovery of non-declared Cuban weapons in the North Korean vessel represents a clear violation of UN sanctions against North Korea because of its nuclear program.
Cuba insisted that missiles found within a sugar consignment aboard the Chong Chon Gang freighter were obsolete arms due to be repaired and returned by North Korea.
Panamanian authorities boarded the vessel because of suspicions it may have been carrying drugs.
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