UN Threatens to Leave Haiti if the Popular Will Is Not Respected

By Dialogo
December 06, 2010

Haiti is one of the biggest problems of the world, since not even they can understand that is how the Haitians are
The head of the UN mission in Haiti, Edmond Mulet, affirmed to AFP on 2 December that the international community “is going to withdraw” if “the popular will is not respected,” at a time when tension reigns and various candidates are asking that the elections held on 28 November be annulled.

“If the will of the people is respected and acknowledged by the Haitian electoral council, there won’t be any problem; the international community is going to commit to helping the new government to confront enormous challenges,” Mulet promised.

“But if the popular will is not respected, the UN and the international community are going to withdraw, and the country will not receive the benefits of political support and foreign resources for its rebuilding,” he warned.

Haiti is awaiting the publication of results — expected to take place on 7 December — from the first round of last Sunday’s presidential election, in which incidents took place that left two dead and ten injured and led to annulment of the votes cast in 56 out of the 1,500 polling places.

Various presidential candidates are calling for the annulment of the balloting and have claimed fraud in favor of the ruling party’s candidate, Jude Célestin.