UN Mission in Haiti Will Be Smaller, Refocused

By Dialogo
October 05, 2012

The UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti is likely to be renewed but with fewer staff and refocusing on training Haiti’s police, a diplomat said on October 3.

MINUSTAH’s current mandate runs through October 15. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recommended in a report that its staff shrink from 7,340 to 6,270 and its police force be reduced from 3,241 to 2,601 by June 2013.

Guatemala’s UN Ambassador Gert Rosenthal, who leads the Security Council this month, said: “There was unanimity regarding the need for an extension of Minustah for another year and on the recommendations of the secretary general to move away from peacekeeping towards strengthening the police force in Haiti.

“It is a recognition of the progress domestically in terms of the formation of a new government, which seems to be working in a coherent manner and enacting a process of constitutional amendment,” he added.

Rosenthal said he expected the mission renewal vote “some time next week.”

Haitian President Michel Martelly took the helm of the poorest country in the Americas in May 2011.

His government is still grappling with the aftermath of the January 2010 quake, which killed more than 225,000 people, destroyed much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

I understand that UN has had a presence in Haiti for several years ago. I wonder what were the positive results that this presence has left to the country? Or staff members have only gone on to receive dollars for their presence?