U.S. Deploys a ‘Smart’ Infantry Weapon in Afghanistan

By Dialogo
December 21, 2010

343750000, that is to say three hundred forty three millions of dollars are projected to be invested for the purpose of destroying mankind on the planet, and this, if we add in the cost we have to incur for bureaucracy, transport, and in the end the human investment for their work. In my particular opinion this high cost should be invested in the preservation of the environment, the decontamination of the ocean; fight poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, among other things, invest in the values of peace and the stability of family, while investing in the fight against global terrorism, and at the same time investing in the preservation and the guarantee of the future of mankind on this planet. Thank you.
The U.S. Army has deployed a ‘smart’ weapon in Afghanistan that it believes will change the direction of the war by becoming an insoluble problem for the Taliban.

The Pentagon has deployed prototypes of a grenade launcher capable of calculating battlefield conditions and launching explosives programmed to explode, for example, one meter beyond a wall behind which enemies are sheltering, Defense Department officials explained.

The 25-mm grenades, launched to a distance of up to 700 meters, have a microchip programmed with data about the distance to the objective, air pressure, temperature, and ballistics as calculated by the launcher, called the XM25.

Following years of development, the launcher, the size of a rifle, is already in the hands of combat units in Afghanistan, and the Pentagon is planning to acquire 12,500 of them, at a price of between 25,000 and 30,000 dollars each, the Army announced.

U.S. troops and their NATO allies have not succeeded in controlling the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, which is seeking to recover the power it lost at the end of 2001, when the United States supported its opponents in a military offensive.