U.S., Colombia Discuss Further Security Cooperation

U.S., Colombia Discuss Further Security Cooperation

By Dialogo
September 06, 2013

Colombia and the United States reaffirmed their strategic partnership during a meeting of the Security Cooperation Coordinating Group (SCCG) on August 27.

The meeting was a continuation of an agreement by Presidents Obama and Santos last year at VI Summit of the Americas to broaden the decades-long U.S.-Colombian security partnership and to formalize security cooperation activities.

This was the third session of the SCCG, which is a component of the bilateral High-Level Strategic Security Dialogue (HLSSD) that was held in Bogota in February 2012 to develop strategic mechanisms for further security cooperation and coordination.

During the August 27 session, the SCCG endorsed the U.S.-Colombia Action Plan on Regional Security Cooperation for 2014, which will be presented for approval at the next HLSSD. Both countries agreed to implement additional joint priority initiatives and expand the Action Plan. The SCCG is composed of U.S. and Colombian officials who seek to develop complementary security assistance programs to support partner nations afflicted by the effects of transnational organized crime.

The group also engages in a strategic dialogue about future U.S.-Colombian cooperation.