U.S., and South American Defense Chiefs Gather In Chile

U.S., and South American Defense Chiefs Gather In Chile

By Dialogo
August 31, 2011

Security chiefs from South America are meeting today at the 3rd annual South American Defense Chiefs Conference, being held in Santiago, Chile. Co-hosted by the Armed Forces of Chile and U.S. Southern Command, this year’s conference focus is on military support to humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

“Each of our militaries brings a wealth of experience to provide the immediate and extensive response of our hemisphere to help the thousands of victims who are affected by natural disasters,” said General Douglas Fraser, Commander of U.S. Southern Command. “This demonstrates the importance of being prepared to work together to support these missions.”

Throughout the two day conference, security leaders from nine nations and representatives from various regional organizations will convene to discuss in detail everything that the armed forces have achieved in regards to humanitarian assistance through collaboration and how they can improve in the future.

“This conference allows us the opportunity to exchange experiences and a chance to reflect and think about the future” added Andres Allamand, Chile’s Minister of Defense. “The new threats to security will be at the heart of this debate.”