U.N. Secretary General Recommends Further Staff Reduction at MINUSTAH

U.N. Secretary General Recommends Further Staff Reduction at MINUSTAH

By Dialogo
August 22, 2013

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recommended a 15% reduction of Blue Helmets in Haiti, due to improvements in security.

Secretary General Ban sent a report to the Security Council, requesting, “To consider another personnel reduction” in the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), reducing troops from 6,270 to 5,021 by June 2014.

In addition, the Mission has 2,600 police officers.

However, with regard to the political field, Ban said that “the democratic process in Haiti is still fragile,” and that he was “deeply concerned with the delay” to hold partial legislative, municipal and local elections.

“I hereby request Haitian political leaders to conduct a constructive dialogue, in order to achieve minimum political consensus and then hold elections whenever possible.”

Haiti is a disaster, and has been like that for many years. The question is, is the UN there to prevent the country from being invaded by a foreign nation or from completely falling in the hands of drug cartels? Because no one talks about the life quality indicators and the only thing we know are the repeated news regarding the horrible living conditions of the majority of the population and the situation seems hopeless. I sent a regular comment and nothing was posted.