Two Tons of Cocaine Seized on Bolivian-Paraguayan Border

By Dialogo
August 27, 2009

LA PAZ, 26 August 2009 (AFP) - Bolivian and Paraguayan anti-drug police seized around two tons of cocaine during joint operations along the border between the two countries, according to a high-ranking Bolivian anti-narcotics official quoted in the local press on Wednesday. “The amount of money denied to the drug traffickers is approximately four million dollars, due to the confiscation of around two tons of drugs,” the commander of the Bolivian police’s Special Strike Force against Drug Trafficking (FELCN), Col. Oscar Nina, affirmed to daily La Razón. The binational activities took place between the 3d and the 22d of this month and were called “Bol-Par,” with the participation of personnel from the FELCN and the Paraguayan National Anti-Drug Secretariat (SENAD). During the joint actions, 339 operations were carried out, in which in addition to the confiscations, around 100 individuals of various nationalities were detained, Colonel Nina explained. Bolivia and Paraguay share a 738-kilometer-long border, and a number of settlements are transit points for a flourishing traffic in drugs and arms.