Tickets for the 5th Military World Games Are Now Available to the Public

Tickets for the 5th Military World Games Are Now Available to the Public

By Dialogo
June 08, 2011

Free distribution began on Friday the 3rd for tickets to attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the competitions in the twenty sports that will be part of the 5th CISM Military World Games. The largest military sports event in the world is happening from the 16th to the 24th of July this year, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Requests may be made exclusively via the official website (

Fifty percent of tickets will be allocated to the public in each of the sports arenas. Another 40% will be allocated to members of the military, and 10% to special guests. A preregistration process previously gathered 4,405 registered CPFs (Brazilian identity documents).

“Everyone can register, and each CPF gives the right to two tickets. Therefore, if someone wants to take the family to attend the swimming competition, for instance, he will have to register two or more CPFs,” explained Col. Rogério Franca, ticket manager for the Operational Planning Committee for the Rio 2011 Games.

For some competitions, tickets will not be needed. This applies to the marathon (from Recreio to Aterro do Flamengo), the triathlon (in Copacabana), and the orienteering competition (in the cities of Paty do Alferes and Seropédica).

Tickets may be picked up from June 24th to July 13th, in four different locations, three of which are in the city of Rio de Janeiro: in the southern part of the city (Copacabana Fort), downtown (kiosk located at the side of Duque de Caixas Palace), and in the western part of the city (Vila Militar).

The municipality of Resende will have a ticket pickup location at the Resende shopping mall, located at Avenida Saturnino Braga, 369. The hours will be Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Damm it! We will still get to host the World Cup, I can’t get any information on how to get tickets for the opening ceremonies, if it is a paid or a free event. How can I get tickets? This is awful. I want tickets